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TORZITE®: TORZITE is Fuji's answer to the ultimate ceramic ring. This new material is smoother and tougher than SiC, with better fracture resistance, higher polish and enough strength to reach SiC performance levels in a narrower ring that is up to 30% lighter than SiC.

Silicon Carbide (SiC): The premier ring material featuring unequalled hardness and a polish that puts it in a class by itself. For top performance, light weight, durability and a luster your customer is sure to notice, choose SiC.

ALCONITE®: Jet black and ready for action, ALCONITE® is a breakthrough blend developed by FUJI that approaches the incredible strength and hardness of SiC. In fact, Alconite's characteristics allowed the design and construction of Fuji’s smallest diameter ring to date. Even at weights up to 35% lighter, ALCONITE® is 50% stronger than competitive "mid-priced" products.

Silicon Nitride (SiN):
 Wire line tough and used in some very special applications, SiN is incredibly hard and surprisingly tough. This material is used to make ball bearings for JET ENGINES! What more can we say about compression, hardness and heat dissipation after that?

 Still going strong after decades of service, FUJI’s improved hard ring, dubbed HARDLOY®, provides excellent service in thousands of applications around the globe. For economy and toughness, HARDLOY® is the number one choice.

Aluminum Oxide: Don’t let the generic name fool you, FUJI’s Aluminum Oxide is the perfect blend for everyday applications and economical factory offerings and has proven itself to be more than adequate for thousands of satisfied customers